Definition of interpolator in English:



  • 1A person who interpolates something.

    • ‘As translator, interpolator, and author, Gascoigne not only channels the work of others but also adds his own unique contributions to Hunting.’
    • ‘The passages in italics below are likely to come from the anonymous interpolator.’
    • ‘If the individual who marked the Tavola is the same as the interpolator, perhaps the other two were marked but the interpolation never completed.’
    • ‘Thus, Murphy-O'Connor's inept interpolator could not have chosen a worse location to place the verses which asserted that women were to be silent in the church and subordinate to their husbands.’
    • ‘Even in the original poem from Guo Maoqian's anthology, Mulan's utterances, which account for about one third of the poem, are frequently interrupted by indirect speeches that suggest the presence of a male interpolator.’
  • 2A device which guides a tool through a smooth curve when provided with a set of points defining the curve.

    • ‘The interpolators include a one-deep stack onto which pixel and texel information for the initial or entry block are pushed before rendering any other blocks within the span group.’
    • ‘The buffer is assumed to be the correct dimensions for the interpolator.’
    • ‘When dealing with interpolators, we've provided an interesting extra capability: All interpolators are capable of acting as either a linear or step fashion.’
    • ‘Interleaved memory function interpolators are then applied to the specific goal of an accurate logarithmic number system arithmetic unit.’
    • ‘This method is used to ask the interpolator which is the best level to use to compress the passed data.’
    • ‘The purpose of the interpolators is to calculate intermediate values for a given number of frames between a start value and an end value.’
    • ‘All interpolators have a stop method which is called when the interpolation is finished.’
    • ‘These interpolators use a multi-bit value approach that permits adders to be used instead of multipliers.’
    • ‘A design is given for a quadratic interpolator needed by the Logarithmic Number System.’
    • ‘As such, the interpolators provide position feedback up to 4096 times the resolution of the encoders themselves.’
    • ‘The techniques can be extended to the design of multistage decimators and/or interpolators.’
    • ‘The named phases are then input to a data interpolator in each receiver, which generates 16 local phases.’