Definition of interoperability in English:



mass noun
  • 1The ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information.

    ‘interoperability between devices made by different manufacturers’
    • ‘The quality of the serial signal is of critical importance for robust system-to-system interoperability.’
    • ‘The company announced its support for the multi-vendor switch interoperability initiative in storage area networks.’
    • ‘Despite vendors' interoperability claims, there are no common standards that allow two different SANs to work together well.’
    • ‘Manufacturer interoperability testing means lower expense, and therefore increased profits for the integrator.’
    • ‘The lack of interoperability across storage products from different vendors is severely limiting the growth of the virtualization market.’
    • ‘Interoperability specifically refers to the seamless interchange of "project data" between different software products developed by different vendors.’
    • ‘You get automatic interoperability of the management function on your network.’
    • ‘Little is more critical to the success of an enterprise storage solution than the interoperability between components.’
    • ‘Technological interoperability is an essential ingredient of large-scale success.’
    • ‘In software, open standards enable interoperability.’
    1. 1.1 The ability of military equipment or groups to operate in conjunction with each other.
      ‘staff believe interoperability between forces is crucial to effectiveness’
      • ‘Interoperability is the key issue within coalition operations where issues relating to national culture will most likely arise.’
      • ‘This exercise allowed us to operate with a multinational force, to test our interoperability, and to provide crews with exposure to more complex scenarios.’
      • ‘The subject is to explore ways to increase the interoperability and integration of their respective air forces.’
      • ‘This provides their air force with capabilities designed for interoperability within the NATO environment.’
      • ‘The planes will be used for combat simulation, infrastructure and training support, and interoperability training.’
      • ‘These problems have resulted in part from interservice rivalries and interoperability problems.’
      • ‘Defense customers will need to migrate to new technology to enable the continued use of existing equipment and to foster interoperability with the rest of its partners.’
      • ‘Major evolutions such as this afford the navy an opportunity unlike most others by improving interoperability with other nations' maritime forces.’
      • ‘The system now offers a fully networked-based operation and is an available asset in terms of interoperability, according to the head of tactical communication.’
      • ‘The activity is designed to promote interoperability by the exchange of humanitarian airlift, airland, and airdrop delivery techniques.’