Definition of interneuron in English:


(also interneurone)


  • A neuron which transmits impulses between other neurons, especially as part of a reflex arc.

    • ‘The medial stripe, nearest the midline, which becomes the ventral region of the neural tube, gives rise to motor neurons, whereas the lateral stripes give rise to interneurons and sensory neurons.’
    • ‘It is proposed that endogenous opioid peptides can activate PAG output neurons by inhibiting an inhibitory interneuron.’
    • ‘The cells that responded to nerve stimulation were most likely principal neurons and not interneurons, because fast excitatory postsynaptic potentials were recorded in these cells.’
    • ‘The exact mechanism of action is not known, but activation of the spinal interneurones or adrenergic neurones, which inhibit bladder activity, has been postulated.’
    • ‘Evidence from both species supports the conclusion that the excitation derives from glutamatergic premotor interneurones and cholinergic homonymous motorneurones.’


1930s: from internuncial + neuron.