Definition of Internet shopping in English:

Internet shopping


mass noun
  • The action or activity of buying goods or services online.

    ‘people like the convenience of Internet shopping’
    • ‘They should emulate the Internet shopping behemoth by creating an environment ripe for browsing, not exclusively for buying.’
    • ‘The store has managed to compete by increasing opening hours, increasing food counters and introducing internet shopping and delivery services.’
    • ‘The two supermarkets are both planning Internet shopping sites in time for Christmas.’
    • ‘When doing internet shopping, you should check out a few stores and compare prices before buying.’
    • ‘The system is designed to take the fear out of internet shopping for credit card holders.’
    • ‘Internet shopping is an advantage in that you can find almost anything you want to buy.’
    • ‘We don't want to put people off internet shopping, where there are undoubtedly bargains to be found.’
    • ‘A major appeal of Internet shopping is the freedom to shop at one's own pace and leisure.’
    • ‘As the novelty of Internet shopping starts to wear off, shoppers will shy away from simple incentives and seek out the types of websites that offer the best products and services.’
    • ‘Internet shopping offers an important price advantage.’