Definition of internationalist in English:



  • 1A person who advocates or believes in cooperation and understanding between nations.

    ‘he was a true internationalist, setting up factories in 20 countries’
    • ‘Internationalists denied that the United States need be concerned with any specific configuration of political or military power in Europe or Asia.’
    • ‘"Progressive internationalists" considered peace essential to the cause of domestic reform.’
    • ‘More limited, yet more pervading, internationalists embraced the Marshall Plan to rebuild the economies of Europe.’
    • ‘An internationalist, the Republican Dulles frequently served in a bipartisan capacity.’
    • ‘His next task should be to take foreign policy away from the failed unilateralist ideologues in his cabinet and return it to the internationalists.’
    • ‘In practice, the internationalists, no less than the isolationists, ignored the persistent role of power in affairs among nations.’
    • ‘He sells himself as a pragmatic internationalist pitted against a reckless, ideologically driven unilateralist.’
    • ‘The president appointed several American internationalists to prominent posts in his administration.’
    • ‘The League's "Covenant" represented the work of many internationalists on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘World War I brought significant support among internationalists to create permanent U.S. military cemeteries overseas to symbolize the American commitment to Europe.’
  • 2An advocate or follower of the principles of any of the four Internationals.

    ‘the old Internationalist criticized their suppression of the press’
    • ‘He was part of a delegation of Second Internationalists who met with leaders from the AFL-CIO.’
    • ‘Respond with anger and pressure, not cynicism and apathy, when the Second Internationalists fail to act as their representatives.’
    • ‘All three groups of Fourth Internationalists have been discussing the possibility of reunifying revolutionary Marxist forces in Canada.’
    • ‘The program listed a number of specific positions Fourth Internationalists should advocate.’
    • ‘We are uncompromising revolutionary Internationalists.’


  • Relating to internationalists or internationalism.

    ‘the party 's internationalist outlook’
    • ‘Such doctrine largely appealed to industrial workers alone, and was internationalist.’
    • ‘One of the most encouraging aspects of antiwar organizing in the recent invasion was its explicitly internationalist flavor.’
    • ‘The recent cultural studies movement has only broadened and accentuated the internationalist tendency among Joycean critics.’
    • ‘The former queen was always more internationalist than nationalist.’
    • ‘Some saw opportunities to forge new, internationalist alliances designed to break the chains of imperialism.’
    • ‘Under internationalist pressure, the president, in February 1923, submitted the question of court membership to the Senate.’
    • ‘Two sets of conferences focused on the international coordination of protection for IPRs, reflecting a broadly internationalist position.’
    • ‘These authors' sense of civic duty was internationalist, encompassing all humanity.’
    • ‘He nonetheless manages to synthesize internationalist tendencies with a specific sense of place.’
    • ‘Despite its limited prospects, the internationalist faith in such institutions continued into the following decade.’