Definition of internal examiner in English:

internal examiner


  • An examiner who is from the same institution as the students who are taking the exams being marked.

    ‘scripts must be double-marked by internal examiners’
    • ‘External and internal examiners are required to see any examinable component of the submission.’
    • ‘As an internal examiner you will not necessarily be an expert in the subject of the thesis, but you must take part in all aspects of the examination process.’
    • ‘The report notes that the mark sheet on which his marks were altered wasn't signed by any of the four internal examiners.’
    • ‘Hawking's thesis was judged by an internal examiner and an expert external referee.’
    • ‘Krebs, a fine scientist and superb lecturer, was the internal examiner of my thesis, which he praised at the time.’
    • ‘Of the 100 marks, 60 marks are allocated to projects which are evaluated by internal examiners.’
    • ‘The papers were graded in the normal way, first by Brown and then (as is customary) by a second internal examiner.’
    • ‘The examination is held in private, with an internal examiner from your School and an external examiner who will be an expert in your subject area.’
    • ‘A single form is used to record grades of both the external and internal examiner; grade results from each course are then agreed by both Examiners.’
    • ‘It is the internal examiner's duty to ensure that the written part of this report indicates how the candidate performed in the viva.’