Definition of internal clock in English:

internal clock


  • 1A person's innate sense of time.

    • ‘This morning schedule of mine is warping my internal clock.’
    • ‘Research shows that the body's internal clock only responds to bright light at certain times of day.’
    • ‘Something about my internal clock just doesn't handle it well.’
    • ‘I admire individuals who can work shifts comfortably, even a 9pm finish messes with my internal clock!’
    • ‘Sure it does wonders to screw with your internal clock, but until school starts and internal clocks matter, it's bliss.’
    • ‘Getting online is much easier than it was in the last hotel I was in, although it involves carrying my little computer into the hotel's business lounge, and my internal clock has simply stopped.’
    • ‘Our body clock, our internal clock, is linked to the 24-hour day.’
    • ‘Suddenly the index within, my internal clock set off a siren.’
    • ‘She now hopes to develop drugs and treatments that can be used to reset the internal clock - known as circadian rhythm - that controls people's sleep patterns.’
    • ‘Plus, my internal clock seems to be on the fritz too.’
    • ‘Understand your circadian rhythm and try to maximize your daily schedule according to your internal clock.’
    • ‘This past week has been hard getting my internal clock back on track.’
    • ‘Sunlight plays a major role in the synchronisation of your internal clock with the external; hence spend time outdoors sight-seeing on the first few days.’
    • ‘This works to synchronize the body's internal clock with the cycle of light and dark.’
    • ‘We've been driving since 6 a.m. Now it's night but still light, and our internal clocks are smashed.’
    • ‘Marathon fever kicked in early this year, I have a pretty good internal clock if there is something worth getting up for.’
    • ‘Crazy insomnia lately… it's Spring break so I'm sort of letting my internal clock do whatever the hell it wants.’
    • ‘After three hours sleep my internal clock woke me up with a bit of a headache and a very empty stomach.’
    • ‘Still, being away from home for much of the month of June, it is almost as if my internal clock stopped while I was away.’
    • ‘To coax your internal clocks forward, Block and Menaker advise that, beginning a day or two before a trip, you adjust your meal times to match those at your destination.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for biological clock
      • ‘Wildlife, however, has a different feeling toward the seasons, being guided by an internal clock rather than by love of warmth, lazy days, eating outdoors and the other activities we savor in summer.’
      • ‘Alternatively, there may be an internal clock that regulates the timing of spore wall formation that is independent of meiotic division.’
      • ‘When flying within a circular arena in the laboratory, the saccade rate is so regular that one is tempted to propose that each turn is triggered by an internal clock within the animal's brain.’
      • ‘Research tells us that night owls have an internal clock with a 24.5 hour day while morning larks' clocks run at less than 24 hours.’
      • ‘With bird watching being a popular recreation for many folks in Wirth Park, concern has been expressed over the potential adverse effects of artificial lights for night skiing on the internal clocks of our feathered friends.’
      • ‘Flowering is usually triggered by changes in the weather but also the internal clock of the plants themselves.’
      • ‘Organisms can not only anticipate the day/night cycle but can make use of an internal clock to measure day length as an indicator of the changing of the seasons.’
      • ‘Is it so crazy to believe that a vine has an internal clock programmed by the sun-earth-moon relationship, which can detect energies that we can't?’
      • ‘Clearly, the glamorous beauty is hearing the ticks of her internal clock!’
      • ‘The team also found that while ultraviolet light is required for sun-compass navigation, some other wavelength of light was required for setting the butterflies' internal clocks.’
      • ‘Having a free-running internal clock probably carries little risk under the ice, where predators are not a threat, but what is the advantage?’