Definition of intermedium in English:



  • (in tetrapods) a carpal in the centre of the wrist joint, or a tarsal in the centre of the ankle joint.

    • ‘The intermedium articulated only proximally and distally - that is, it did not articulate with other wrist bones.’
    • ‘It is thickest at its presumed proximal end and is expanded medially to form an overlapping joint with the intermedium.’
    • ‘On the distal margin of the intermedium illustrated by Williston is a very small, subrectangular nubbin-like process that could represent an incorporated proximal centrale.’
    • ‘They therefore identified the medial, proximal tarsal bone of Diadectes as the intermedium and equated it with the reptilian astragalus.’
    • ‘Five elements of the left tarsus, which had undergone considerable postmortem shifting, were identified as the intermedium, fibulare, centrale, and first and second distal tarsals.’


Late 16th century (denoting an intervening action or performance): from late Latin, neuter (used as a noun) of Latin intermedius ‘intermediate’.