Definition of intermeddle in English:



[no object]
  • Interfere in something that is not one's concern.

    ‘this man intermeddled in all my affairs’
    ‘wanton and officious intermeddling with the disputes of others’
    • ‘I once more, therefore, insist, that you do not intermeddle.’
    • ‘The programme leader for the archaeology BSc degree intermeddled in the exam marking process.’
    • ‘You are not intermeddling if you are upholding human rights.’
    • ‘The basic problem is intermeddling in the business of the internal processes of a House of the Parliament.’
    • ‘It has never yet been explained to me what the United Kingdom Parliament was doing intermeddling in our constitutional affairs in 1986.’
    • ‘It is not intermeddling; it is upholding the Constitution.’
    • ‘The intermeddling of the defendant must be shown to be intentional.’
    • ‘I am looking at a statute of a foreign Parliament purporting to intermeddle in our constitutional affairs.’
    • ‘Before he entered that war, first he sent his messengers to the sultan of Egypt, requiring him not to intermeddle in that war.’
    • ‘Once you are made bankrupt you cannot intermeddle in the property because the property is then in the hands of the trustee for the benefit of the creditors.’
    interfere, butt in, intrude, intervene, interlope, pry, poke, nose, busybody, interpose, obtrude, thrust
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Late 15th century: from Old French entremesler, from entre- ‘between, among’ + mesler ‘meddle’.