Definition of intermarry in English:



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  • 1(of people belonging to different races, castes, or religions) become connected by marriage.

    ‘a storm blew a Spanish galleon off course and the survivors intermarried with the islanders’
    • ‘Many Hutus pointed out that they had lived with and intermarried with these people they are being told to kill.’
    • ‘Stakeholders who have moved have often intermarried with other tribal groups.’
    • ‘Some Arabs settled in the area and intermarried with local groups.’
    • ‘Many Romans stayed and intermarried with the Dacians, helping to shape the customs and language of the region.’
    • ‘The propensity of different groups to intermarry is affected by their numbers in the population.’
    • ‘The Angles, Saxons, Danes, Frisians and other invaders intermarried with the existing Romano-British Celts, Romans, Jutes, Gauls, Greeks and Lombards.’
    • ‘And indeed, native-born Americans are intermarrying in steadily rising numbers.’
    • ‘Muslim converts intermarried with immigrant Ottomans of various ethnicities.’
    • ‘His people intermarried with the Burmese and gradually adopted the Buddhist religion.’
    • ‘Esther intermarries, becoming absorbed in Persian royalty, and is unable to raise a Jewish family of her own.’
    • ‘However, they intermarried with them and accepted a number of their customs.’
    • ‘These men are now on an equality with the agricultural families and can intermarry with them.’
    • ‘Members of prominent families intermarried with other groups, especially wealthy European, Latin American, and North American immigrants.’
    • ‘Many Georgian Americans have intermarried with Armenians, Russians, Jews, and Ukrainians.’
    • ‘Like it or not, they have intermarried with Papuans the last three decades.’
    • ‘Many of the Scots who were pioneering the west in the 1800s intermarried with the Lakota while working their way through the mid-west as fur trappers.’
    • ‘Over time, the different ethnic groups have intermarried.’
    • ‘Hence, descendants of pre-World War I Jewish immigrants from Russia largely intermarried with Jews or non-Jews with non-Russian origins.’
    • ‘By the 1990s, a second generation of Brazilians had been born and raised in Paraguay, and a few intermarried with the local population.’
    • ‘The new families prospered, intermarried with the older established families, and gained wealth and influence throughout New England.’
    1. 1.1 (of close relations) marry each other.
      ‘genetic defects caused by intermarrying’
      • ‘And all people groups can freely intermarry, resulting in a closer approximation to the genetic richness that would have characterized Noah's family.’
      • ‘They have been intermarrying for generations, which usually involves stepbrothers and stepsisters marrying one another.’
      • ‘There may be regions where one predominates, but Iraqis intermarry and have relations across the country.’