Definition of interest-bearing in English:



  • On which interest is paid.

    ‘the money is kept in an interest-bearing account’
    • ‘The paltry spread between Earning Assets and Interest-bearing Liabilities contracted another 5 basis points to 24 basis points.’
    • ‘The decision would impact about 5,000 small investors who have bonds or permanent interest bearing shares (PIBS) in the bank.’
    • ‘Total interest-bearing borrowings were approximately $2.8 billion at the end of the quarter.’
    • ‘Servicing interest-bearing debts - other than mortgages - is usually very expensive.’
    • ‘Creditors were forced to accept interest-bearing government paper, a sort of forced loan.’
    • ‘These student aid programs rely increasingly on interest-bearing loans rather than on need-based grant aid.’
    • ‘The precious metal has an easier time competing with interest bearing assets like government bonds when rates are falling.’
    • ‘The accounts state that the amount due to the parent is unsecured and interest-bearing at market rates.’
    • ‘There are two forms of accounts, interest bearing (bonds) and non-interest bearing (deposits).’
    • ‘Municipal bonds are long-term, interest-bearing IOUs.’