Definition of intercross in English:



  • (with reference to animals or plants of different breeds or varieties) interbreed or cause to interbreed:

    [no object] ‘all the forms intercross readily and produce fertile offspring’
    • ‘One corn type they have introduced us to is called a ‘synthetic’, which is a deliberate mixture of a number of similar, improved lines that can be allowed to intercross in the field.’
    • ‘In this form it presumably could be maintained in a population against the tendency to swamping by intercrossing.’
    • ‘At least 8 of these were shown to be in the same linkage group by intercrossing.’


  • 1An instance of intercrossing:

    ‘intercrosses between heterozygous mice gave rise to homozygous mutant mice at the expected frequency’
    • ‘From the total offspring obtained, 75 intercrosses were made.’
    • ‘We tested this hypothesis by reanalyzing the genome scan data for the mice in the original intercross.’
    • ‘For this purpose we determined the genotypes of 695 offspring from F 1 intercrosses.’
    • ‘A total of 116 female mice from an intercross between the strains were genotyped.’
    • ‘Due to the similarity of RIX and F 2 genome structures, it would appear that methods developed for F 2 intercrosses could be directly applicable to RIXs.’
    • ‘Samples from a three-generation intercross between the European wild boar and Large White domestic pigs were also used.’
    • ‘It will obviously thus act far more efficiently with those animals which unite for each birth; but, as already stated, we have reason to believe that occasional intercrosses take place with all animals and plants.’
    • ‘Conventional QTL mapping that uses intercrosses of a chosen pair of lines is able to detect only a minute fraction of the existing genetic variance.’
    • ‘Homozygous mutants were obtained by intercrosses of the heterozygotes.’
    • ‘Important contributions to their genetic dissection have been made by analyzing the progeny of intercrosses.’
    • ‘To refine the mapping of the mutation, a series of backcrosses and intercrosses were set.’
    • ‘This is especially true for F 2 populations derived from original intercrosses of inbred lines that exhibit linkage disequilibrium upon which QTL studies depend.’
    • ‘In practice this model could be extended to include inferences from crosses with resulting heterozygous individuals, such as backcrosses or intercrosses.’
    • ‘The foregoing F 2 population may be subjected to a series of further random intercrosses.’
    • ‘We found four different KIT alleles in a small sample of eight Large White females used as founder animals in a wild boar intercross.’
    • ‘Ten F 1 intercrosses were set up to restore the phenotype.’
    • ‘We have mapped it by analysis of backcrosses and intercrosses between B6 mice and both susceptible strains.’
    • ‘We were interested in scoring the incidence of balanced progeny from Rb heterozygote intercrosses and in determining the parental origin of transmission of the Rb chromosome in these offspring.’
    1. 1.1 An animal or plant resulting from intercrossing.
      • ‘We have recently confirmed this assignment by linkage analysis using our intercross between the red jungle fowl and the White Leghorn chicken.’
      • ‘Differences in the PRKAG3 gene sequences of the founder animals of the intercross were analyzed.’
      • ‘The physical characteristics, vigor, and productivity of the intercrosses suggest that the negative effects of inbreeding in the Florida panthers of the 1970s are being remedied.’
      • ‘The development of large numbers of molecular markers and interval-mapping methods paved the way for QTL mapping using intercrosses of inbred experimental organisms.’