Definition of intercommunity in English:



  • Existing or conducted between communities.

    ‘intercommunity relations’
    • ‘The low frequency of accords involving more than two communities reflects the lack of intercommunity or regional organization, especially during the period covered by this study.’
    • ‘The primary finding of the TF was the need for clear, consistent intercommunity and interagency coordination of the counterdrug-related intelligence effort.’
    • ‘In the days ahead we shall make clear, in words and in actions, our commitment to ensuring that intercommunity relations in our city do not become another victim of this war.’
    • ‘Peru has benefited from over 30 years of development of native titles and territories in the context of a sometimes-supportive government and strong intercommunity organizations.’
    • ‘Within the islands, there was intercommunity trading and even warring networks.’
    • ‘This reflects the general insulation of the community, where there are specific delineations between northern and southern Thais and where intercommunity outreach with other groups has been almost nonexistent.’
    • ‘Based on findings demonstrating an inverse relation between home-range size and intercommunity competition, we expected to find a similar relation in our study.’
    • ‘Our technological advances have increased exponentially over a few centuries, but our intercommunity and interracial skills have improved little.’
    • ‘The onus for initiating this particular intercommunity communication is on Dalits.’
    • ‘State governments continue to attach a high priority to maintaining law and order and monitoring intercommunity relations at the district level.’
    • ‘Methods such as commemoration and healing, archiving, monuments and intercommunity interactions are suggested.’
    • ‘The attacks were accompanied by intercommunity divide on the ground that new followers of Jesus are abandoning their old communitarian norms, causing conflicts.’
    • ‘Islamic activism and terrorism is not so evident in mature democracies where Islamic communities live in relative harmony, with perhaps the occasional intercommunity squabbles.’
    • ‘The Great American Dream in recent times has become somewhat sterile, a colorless and neutral legal administrator of intercommunity conflicts.’