Definition of interchangeable in English:



  • 1(of two things) able to be interchanged.

    ‘eyepieces are interchangeable and one can use any eyepiece with any telescope’
    ‘the V8 engines are all interchangeable with each other’
    • ‘The Boeing 767s were largely interchangeable with the Airbus A310-200s albeit the 767s had a somewhat longer range.’
    • ‘Actually a full 60 percent of the Bizon 2's parts are fully interchangeable with the AKS - 74.’
    • ‘The batteries are ideal for both new installations and for upgrades since they are directly interchangeable with standard products in form, fit and function.’
    • ‘Our guns are so exacting their parts are interchangeable with first generation Colts.’
    • ‘The FCC's two top issues are determining the boundaries for areas where numbers can be swapped and deciding whether wireline numbers will be interchangeable with wireless ones.’
    • ‘The euro will not change the terms of any existing contract and, from 1999, any reference to an EMU zone currency will be interchangeable with the euro at the given conversion rate.’
    • ‘These electrons are quite easily interchangeable with similar electrons from other things' extremities.’
    • ‘They aren't meant to be interchangeable with leader-writers.’
    • ‘After decades of producing small arms by hand, by 1842 the armories introduced large-scale assembly of muskets from uniform, interchangeable parts.’
    • ‘The modules are fully interchangeable with each other so they can be used and secured in place, without the need for blocking and bracing, in any of the MS&T containers.’
    • ‘This technology is newer, tends to be more expensive and the devices and equipment are not compatible or interchangeable with the 802.11b standard.’
    • ‘The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Subcommittee considers cefoxitin and cefotetan to be therapeutically equivalent and interchangeable antibiotics.’
    • ‘Compliance does not imply that a component is fully interoperable or interchangeable with other similar complaint components from other manufacturers.’
    • ‘In the case of wood, the separate butt-stocks and forends appear to be identical and interchangeable.’
    • ‘Unlike many other attempts to copy to some degree the Winchester single-shot design, Ballard Rifle has recreated it exactly to the extent that all of their parts are interchangeable with the originals.’
    • ‘Fiat owners will also have access to our full range of spare parts - most of which are fully interchangeable with Fiat spares.’
    • ‘Cups and lids must be interchangeable with those from other suppliers.’
    • ‘For example, artillery ammunition could be interchangeable with tank and large mortar ammunition, reducing at least six types of ammunition to one.’
    • ‘It was either that or some boat that had built-in outriggers, each with its own dagger board (which was cunningly interchangeable with the rudder blade), and a central driving seat.’
    • ‘The key consideration was that the replacement part had to be interchangeable with the original one.’
    exchangeable, transposable, replaceable
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    1. 1.1 Apparently identical; very similar.
      ‘anonymous DJs and interchangeable disco divas’
      • ‘Perhaps at the root of strong assertions of male and female differences is the fear of so identifying the two as to make them interchangeable.’
      • ‘How could two pharmacological agents, considered by many to be interchangeable and equivalent, have such divergent effects on coronary vascular outcomes despite similar effects on blood pressure?’
      • ‘The conclusion of this report was that sponsorship was now essentially interchangeable with advertising in terms of placing brand images and deliberately targeting the young.’
      • ‘Bodies and identities - and races, it seems - are interchangeable.’
      • ‘There are three other girls just like her and they look so much alike under the layers of makeup they are almost interchangeable.’
      • ‘Still, I attempted to search for an identification figure among the morass of interchangeable horndogs.’
      • ‘They also tend to view themselves as co-parents, having equal and interchangeable roles in developing nurturant, androgynous offspring.’
      • ‘Medals and ribbons are NOT considered to be interchangeable uniform accoutrements by anyone who served or is serving on active duty.’
      • ‘I can only assume that he thinks the word ‘pagan’ is interchangeable with ‘immoral’, which it is not.’
      • ‘The songs, and the performances, were as indistinct and interchangeable as Ant and Dec.’
      • ‘Kristeva comments upon the fluid, interchangeable identities of Proust's characters.’
      • ‘Iron sport outsiders often see bodybuilders and powerlifters as interchangeable, like identical twins, but those who bodybuild and those who powerlift mostly focus on the differences between one another.’
      • ‘Now the names are interchangeable with US rappers.’
      • ‘Psychoanalytically speaking, the two events are very closely related, if not identical and interchangeable.’
      • ‘Commentary, National Review and The Weekly Standard are nearly interchangeable in terms of foreign policy and empire.’
      • ‘As New York strip clubs get more upscale and the dancers grow more homogenous and interchangeable, neo-burlesque is an arena where individuality rules.’
      • ‘In the other, the individual is interchangeable, for if all are equal in every way, one will do as well as the other.’
      • ‘There are some problems with the screenplay, most notably the kids being as interchangeable as those two Olsen twins.’
      • ‘Apparently our leaders do, viewing people as interchangeable cogs.’
      • ‘So I was paying $100 a day to a tour guide who, after twenty-seven years of living in Hamburg, had apparently concluded that English and German were interchangeable.’
      identical, similar, alike, the same, exactly the same, indistinguishable, uniform, twin, undifferentiated, homogeneous, of a piece, cut from the same cloth
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