Definition of interactivity in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of two people or things working together and influencing each other.

    ‘improved interactivity between companies’
    ‘distance learning systems with high levels of interactivity with the teacher’
    • ‘Part of the appeal of a film festival, with its heightened potential for meaningful interactivity, is that it's where the audience member gets to act most like an artist.’
    • ‘This work focuses on the development of distributed collaborative environments that enhance human-to-human interactivity.’
    • ‘An official expat association would provide a greater base for interactivity and cooperation between the foreign community and government departments.’
    • ‘This personal interactivity enables students attending a mini-course to get immediate answers to their questions from the instructor.’
    • ‘By creating diversions for the audience, the exhibition seeks to explore the nature of interactivity.’
    • ‘The film's subject isn't restricted to music, but embraces his ideas about creativity, interactivity, and spirituality.’
    • ‘We recognize and relish the social interactivity of performing our music with others.’
    • ‘Despite their kineticism, neither work is particularly engaging, allowing for no real interactivity, physical or intellectual.’
    • ‘She has said that one of the themes of the exhibition will be "interactivity with the public."’
    • ‘Anything to keep from actual human interactivity with your offspring, one supposes.’
    1. 1.1 The ability of a computer to respond to a user's input.
      ‘a programming language that you can use to add interactivity to your web pages’
      • ‘The major draw card for online games is interactivity.’
      • ‘To promote interactivity, you can leave out some of the information that would have otherwise appeared in your PowerPoint presentation.’
      • ‘The shape expresses one's level of interactivity with the multimedia presentation.’
      • ‘The higher score on the participation question may be associated with self-motivation enhanced by the interactivity of the online lesson.’
      • ‘The second portion will discuss techniques and specific uses of various Web-based media to encourage interactivity in distance courses.’
      • ‘Defying our expectations of user-friendly interactivity, these Internet-based works are not easy to navigate or to decipher.’
      • ‘Self-paced interactivity on the part of the student will occur through navigational choices in the program.’
      • ‘Without the interactivity of virtual reality, this type of presentation was more appropriate for marketing than planning purposes.’
      • ‘This does not mean that achieving a productive scholarly interactivity in a Web journal is either easy or straightforward.’
      • ‘Sites tend to be built using solid HTML and shy away from high-end attempts at interactivity.’