Definition of intently in English:



  • With earnest and eager attention.

    ‘he gazed at her intently’
    ‘everybody was listening intently’
    • ‘I can focus intently on things that fascinate me, to the exclusion of all other things.’
    • ‘He watches intently as the squad go over possible formations for tomorrow's game.’
    • ‘He set up the discussion and both he and the doctor listened intently.’
    • ‘She looked at him closely, peering intently at his face as if trying to read it.’
    • ‘You have an ability to concentrate and work intently on anything which holds your interest.’
    attentively, closely, keenly, with fascination, raptly, earnestly, concentratedly, hard, studiously, fixedly, steadily, steadfastly, alertly, watchfully, observantly, carefully
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