Definition of intentionally in English:



  • Deliberately; on purpose:

    ‘I didn't do it intentionally’
    ‘I wasn't sure if it was intentionally funny or not’
    • ‘He intentionally got himself incarcerated to save his soon-to-be-executed older brother.’
    • ‘That the deaths were not caused intentionally doesn't change the consequences.’
    • ‘Honest people do not intentionally deceive others to their detriment.’
    • ‘Thus a fire begun intentionally or negligently would not be covered.’
    • ‘She flipped her mobile shut, walked past us and down the corridor, intentionally ignoring Alice and Tony.’
    deliberately, on purpose, purposely, purposefully, by design, knowingly, wittingly, consciously
    premeditatedly, calculatedly, in cold blood, wilfully, wantonly
    with malice aforethought
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