Definition of intensive care unit in English:

intensive care unit


  • A department of a hospital in which patients who are dangerously ill are kept under constant observation.

    ‘she was transferred to the intensive care unit’
    • ‘He revealed he had been hospitalised in an intensive care unit after his kidneys and liver collapsed following years of boozing.’
    • ‘The unions said, however, emergency and delivery rooms and intensive care units will be maintained during the work stoppage.’
    • ‘High-tech intensive care units are designed for those with a chance of recovering.’
    • ‘My father was rushed to a hospital's intensive care unit for dialysis treatment after his kidneys first shut down.’
    • ‘The new cardiac intensive care unit has six beds.’
    • ‘The child was immediately transported to the Children's Hospital, where he was admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.’
    • ‘After the accident, the family set up a vigil in the intensive care unit.’
    • ‘On Friday he was treated in the intensive care unit for dehydration.’
    • ‘They keep the intensive care unit nurse informed regarding the progress of surgery and the estimated time of the recipient's and living donor's arrival.’
    • ‘The unit adjoins the previously remodeled neonatal intensive care unit, nurseries, and administration.’