Definition of insultingly in English:



  • See insulting

    as submodifier ‘an insultingly low salary’
    • ‘I look forward to watching cable with my mom, wearing an overcoat, and seeing each of my Chicago friends for insultingly brief periods of time.’
    • ‘If this seems insultingly stereotypical, well, it's nothing compared to what I saw on TV.’
    • ‘How well does Mr McIntyre know the so-called Third World which he so insultingly disparages?’
    • ‘You don't worry too much about those who tried to stand up for the poor whom you once insultingly dismissed as ‘the poverty industry’.’
    • ‘You must also answer this insultingly easy question.’
    • ‘In 1996, Yeoman's major customer made what she considered an insultingly low offer for her business.’