Definition of insulation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of insulating something.

    ‘keep your home warmer through insulation’
    • ‘The roof and sidewalls are lined with glass-wool to provide heat insulation.’
    • ‘Another consideration with regard to heat build-up involves insulation.’
    • ‘Mattresses provide cushion, as well as insulation, protecting the cow during times of cold weather.’
    • ‘This includes standards for heating, insulation, modern facilities and general conditions.’
    • ‘The red blotches show heat being lost through poor insulation.’
    • ‘The work will include new stairs, full disabled access via a lift, plus new wiring, heating, insulation, toilet facilities, storage and office space.’
    • ‘Inside the home, insulation and moisture protection are key to maximizing efficiency.’
    • ‘This tissue not only stores energy but also provides insulation and protection to vital organs in the body.’
    • ‘These are often considered to be of an inferior quality, lacking sufficient sound and heat insulation, but this is unjustified criticism.’
    • ‘This then gradually hardens on the outside to provide airtight seal, proper insulation, as well as a degree cushioning protection in case of an accident.’
    • ‘New homes need to provide for disabled access, and better sound and heat insulation which so often can not be achieved in older buildings.’
    • ‘Improper attic insulation and ventilation allows heat to escape, turning rooftop snow into an ice-dam.’
    • ‘By providing insulation, green roofs can help heat as well as air condition.’
    • ‘One of the dog's unique characteristics is its lack of an undercoat, which provides insulation from heat and cold.’
    • ‘Everything is designed for a state of comfort and protection and insulation.’
    • ‘Of course that means heat and insulation, so forget it.’
    • ‘However, asbestos was applied for heat insulation in the factory.’
    • ‘The audit should cover everything from insulation, to heating and cooling systems, to appliances.’
    • ‘Subcutaneous fat below the dermis consists primarily of adipose tissue, and it provides mechanical protection and insulation.’
    • ‘Recently introduced regulations on sound and heat insulation for new houses also affect rebuilding costs.’
    1. 1.1 The state of being insulated.
      ‘his comparative insulation from the world’
      • ‘The potential effects of isolation and insulation intrigue me.’
      • ‘New doors have opened, allowing us to choose paths that free us from that insulation and isolation.’
      protection, defence, shelter, screen, cushion, shield, shielding, safe keeping, safeguarding
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    2. 1.2 Material used to insulate something.
      ‘fit insulation to all exposed pipes’
      • ‘If the insulation releases heat during the cooler evening hours, there is likely wetness below the roof.’
      • ‘The noise is reduced with insulation throughout the body, engine compartment, door panels, and floor.’
      • ‘This is a condition that can be improved considerably with the addition of good sound insulation under the deck and in the engine compartment.’
      • ‘These do-it-yourself instructions cover installation of batts and blankets, loose-fill or poured-in materials, rigid boards, and reflective insulations.’
      • ‘Manufacturers are examining ways of using cementitious or fibrous core insulating materials in place of the plastic insulations.’
      • ‘In winter, insufficient or damaged roof insulation allows heat to readily escape.’
      • ‘Use higher density insulation, such as rigid foam boards, in cathedral ceilings and on exterior walls.’
      • ‘This database identifies manufacturers and suppliers of building insulation containing recovered materials.’
      • ‘This type of insulation is considered the most benign from an indoor air quality standpoint.’
      • ‘Using wool as housing insulation keeps heat in and reduces condensation, resulting in lower fuel bills.’
      • ‘The north wall is filled with Styrofoam insulation to stop heat loss.’
      • ‘I was surprised to learn that all of those various fabrics and insulations have a specific purpose and place in a hunter's wardrobe.’
      • ‘One way a mammal reacts to heat loss is by contracting the tiny muscles at the base of each hair, thus creating a fluffy layer of insulation in which air pockets retain body heat.’
      • ‘The ambassador has also pledged to bear the costs of repairing insulation under the heat conducting tin roofs and the cement floors.’
      • ‘They needed to protect their insulation from water because it stunk when wet.’
      • ‘To further safeguard wool insulation, some individuals add cedar shavings.’
      • ‘To keep the interior as comfortable as possible, more insulation was added while a new cabin heating and cooling system was designed and installed.’
      • ‘These walls have no internal air gaps, no space to add insulation and so transmit heat very readily.’
      • ‘As housing insulation, it keeps heat in and reduces condensation, resulting in lower fuel bills.’
      • ‘Cellulose, fiberglass, and rock wool loose-fill insulations are good choices for many insulation projects.’
      lagging, blanket, jacket, wrap
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