Definition of instructional in English:



  • 1Intended or used for teaching; educational.

    ‘instructional materials for the classroom’
    • ‘Instructional modules can provide a key solution to these challenges.’
    • ‘Instructional unit websites were found through parent university websites.’
    • ‘Expectations for use of Internet resources must be justified by added marginal value to the instructional activity.’
    • ‘To dismiss this finding might promulgate the use of educational technologies in lieu of sound instructional design.’
    • ‘Studying instructional methods used to facilitate learning in distance education is a plausible line of inquiry.’
    • ‘Much of the website content originated from a multimedia instructional program developed for undergraduate teaching.’
    • ‘Computer-based instruction has been found to have beneficial effects on achievement in a wide variety of instructional settings.’
    • ‘The influence of learning styles on student ratings of how effectively they learned from various instructional strategies was explored.’
    • ‘Learning objects are small instructional components that can be reused many times in different learning contexts.’
    • ‘With such a goal, formative classroom assessment requires the gathering of the information needed to make instructional improvements.’
  • 2Giving detailed information about how something should be done or operated.

    ‘an instructional manual’
    • ‘The residents have yet to receive any instructional brochures from the government.’
    • ‘Mention our name and receive a free instructional booklet.’
    • ‘What you won't find is a "how-to" instructional guide to the shaping of surfboards.’
    • ‘We expected to find lesson plans that announced instructional directions.’
    • ‘An instructional leaflet claimed that no home was safe without them, and that they gave absolute protection.’
    • ‘She wrote instructional brochures of silversmithing and produced several films, including one demonstrating technical skills of raising silver from a flat sheet onto an object.’
    • ‘It's an instructional guidebook compiled largely from various websites that provide tips for living off the grid.’
    • ‘I cover only documentaries, nonfiction, reality-based series, and some instructional how-to.’
    • ‘Two color-coded instructional manuals were provide.’
    • ‘He wrote a set of four instructional papers for the institute on the application of statistical methods to agriculture.’