Definition of instigator in English:



  • A person who brings about or initiates something.

    ‘he was not the instigator of the incident’
    ‘any instigators of violence will be punished’
    • ‘Can architects become instigators of greater disaster-response collaboration?’
    • ‘The grizzled man is the instigator of all the troubles between Billy and the master-at-arms.’
    • ‘Men's health self-help is both an instigator and a product of this ideology.’
    • ‘The author thus implies that the means to understanding the causes of the violence and the motivations of its instigators lie in the study of the previous fourteen centuries.’
    • ‘In the manner of Late Roman politics the instigator of the new troubles, Arbogastes, had been instrumental in bringing down Maximus.’
    initiator, prime mover, motivator, architect, designer, deviser, planner, shaper, inventor, maker, producer, contriver, mastermind, originator, author, creator, founder, pioneer, father, mother, founding father, agent
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