Definition of instantly in English:



  • 1At once; immediately.

    ‘she fell asleep almost instantly’
    • ‘My headache was even worse now so when I got back into the cabin I fell asleep almost instantly.’
    • ‘A perfect deluge of rain instantly followed, and the roads were quickly flooded.’
    • ‘One of their films is instantly recognizable in a fashion that a Kazan film never is.’
    • ‘Seeing my eyes fall on the folder, he instantly extends his hand and gives me the folder.’
    • ‘All he does know is that when the moment comes, he will recognise it instantly.’
    • ‘He instantly lifted his binoculars and looked in the direction of the sound.’
    • ‘On examining the log, the immediate cause of the error was instantly apparent.’
    • ‘I don't think she'll fall instantly in love with him again and make the same mistake.’
    • ‘Unbelievably, he dropped his head onto her shoulder and fell asleep instantly.’
    • ‘Most blind people instantly recognise British bank notes by their different widths.’
    • ‘The cheeses for export are coated with red wax, which makes them instantly recognizable.’
    • ‘Sometimes I wish I was a writer whom people could instantly recognise by one of their plays.’
    • ‘The person does not look different, so the problem is not instantly recognisable.’
    • ‘I'm not too keen on directors who think that monochrome instantly adds credibility.’
    • ‘It was bailed out instantly, but not before we had once again seen the truth of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘If you saw the film Rain Man this gift of instantly recalling certain information will be familiar.’
    • ‘Once inside, it is instantly obvious why this hotel's fame has spread far and wide.’
    • ‘The box fell apart instantly and the whole content of the box slid out onto my desk and onto the floor.’
    • ‘Oil massage and fresh fish caught and served instantly are a hit among tourists here.’
    • ‘He said the man, who was young and from the local area, was killed instantly.’
    immediately, at once, straight away, right away, instantaneously, suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, on the instant, at a stroke, forthwith, then and there, there and then, here and now, this/that, that very minute, this very minute, that instant, this instant
    quickly, rapidly, swiftly, speedily, directly, without delay, promptly
    in an instant, in a moment, in a second, in a split second, in a minute, in a trice, in a fraction of a second, in a flash, like a flash, quick as lightning, like a shot, in a wink, in the blink of an eye, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, in less than no time, before you know it, on the double, at the speed of light, like an arrow from a bow
    tout de suite
    in a jiffy, pronto, before you can say jack robinson, double quick, in double quick time, like lightning, like greased lightning, toot sweet
    straightway, instanter, forthright
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  • 2archaic Urgently or persistently.

    • ‘The sultan, to be assured of the truth, pleaded instantly.’