Definition of instantaneity in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being instant or immediate.

    • ‘We live in an age of instantaneity.’
    • ‘Televisual instantaneity, in live transmission and true interactivity, has been underexploited by both mass and experimental media.’
    • ‘The haiku's instantaneity is also a limit.’
    • ‘We live in a society which places a premium on instantaneity; it is our right to have our wishes granted immediately.’
    • ‘Our "age of instantaneity" has produced a number of wonderful things - flexible, adaptable thinking, instant access to knowledge, and a number of people who truly know a great deal about certain subjects.’
    • ‘The Internet yields both seeming temporal instantaneity and spatial compression.’
    • ‘Because of the instantaneity of the posts, it was branded a stalkers' charter by several stars and their publicists.’
    • ‘His fascination with the capacity of video to bridge such incomprehensible distances might suggest a preoccupation with instantaneity.’
    • ‘It is the instantaneity of the creative decision that really counts.’