Definition of instant message in English:

instant message


  • A message sent via the Internet that appears on the recipient's screen as soon as it is transmitted.

    • ‘Record companies said Thomas was sent an instant message in February 2005, warning her that she was violating copyright law.’
    • ‘There is no e-mail between them, no remote logins, no instant messages.’
    • ‘Almost the entire press has failed to report the differences between e-mail and instant messages.’
    • ‘These last ten private / instant messages are viewable in the administration section.’
    • ‘Hastert said, however, that he knew nothing of the sexually explicit instant messages that became public Friday.’
    • ‘Sure, the kids love it, but the instant message (IM) is the latest craze in Corporate America.’
    • ‘All we do now is interrupt each other or ourselves with instant messages, e-mail, spam or cellphone rings.’
    • ‘For years, we've all enjoyed the benefits of instant messages.’
    • ‘We'll show you some of the e-mails and instant messages that are attributed to a congressman who has now resigned.’
    • ‘Eventually I put a block on her instant messages.’
    • ‘Saville-King admitted in an instant message to the boy that her husband had found out about the relationship, Miss Evans said.’
    • ‘You can define automatic responses to be sent if you receive an instant message while away from the PC.’
    • ‘I talk to them in email or instant message, people from across the country who feel that twinge of regret.’
    • ‘The company's more advanced units allow dispatchers to send route changes and instant messages to drivers.’
    • ‘A man was arrested recently for spamming people via instant messages for adult sites.’
    • ‘In addition, those who instant messaged, blogged, or used chat rooms also had a higher risk of being targeted by cyberbullies.’
    • ‘It offers live chat, an instant message, or a phone call from someone with expertise in the matter of interest.’
    • ‘I can talk to my staff, see them on video, I can detect their presence, email or instant message them.’
    • ‘It does not appear to block words from instant messages, suggesting its purpose is to alert officials to the discussion of sensitive topics.’
    • ‘Kind of like a presence indicator for the instant message session itself.’


  • Send (someone) an instant message.

    • ‘She was witty, sexually adventurous and intimate with her readers, sharing photos of her travels and exchanging private e-mails and instant messages with fans.’
    • ‘My computer made the little noise it makes when someone wants to instant message me.’
    • ‘She missed her old friends too much to yet part with them in her heart (she still instant messaged her best friend back in the suburbs).’
    • ‘They compile coed Buddy Lists on their computer screens and think nothing of instant-messaging guys or calling them on the phone.’
    • ‘When a new name pops into the chat room, you automatically instant-message a hello.’
    • ‘When he tried to instant message her she promptly logged off.’
    • ‘Either he, or Voluck's mother, Stephanie, were calling, e-mailing, or instant-messaging him daily.’
    • ‘In the war zone there is an Internet cafe where soldiers can instant-message with loved ones at home.’
    • ‘A few days ago, he instant messaged me.’
    • ‘I chatted with Kim for a while until an instant message popped up from someone else.’
    • ‘We can have long telephone conversations whereas you can only instant message people about it.’
    • ‘I didn't get you on voicemail, so then I try to e-mail or instant message you.’
    • ‘I just instant messaged Leighton and noted that we really should be writing down more of what we are saying.’
    • ‘You can instant message 24/7 with our trained coaches.’