Definition of inspired in English:



  • 1Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

    ‘they had to thank the goalkeeper for some inspired saves’
    • ‘Among his inspired predictions are a few that I'd say had better hurry up and be accomplished.’
    • ‘It was during this period that Stephen Hayden produced a series of inspired saves along with the industrious work of Lowry and Tom Dooley to keep the scoreline in balance.’
    • ‘Now, I am certain that priestly charism transubstantiates my lame lay prose into inspired revelation, but do not my efforts smack of presumption!’
    • ‘Somebody in the US government is going to have to make an inspired guess, and the country will have to live with it for a very long time to come.’
    • ‘You also have to guess the speed rating of the film in most instances, with the ASA value being an inspired guess by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘The film's greatest creative coup is the inspired casting of Mary Hilton.’
    • ‘In the second half, York lay siege to the Rotherham goal but found the visiting shot-stopper still in inspired form with saves to deny Joe Dale, Jamie Hopcutt and Tom Corner.’
    • ‘Save for the occasional inspired moniker, they tend to be humdrum offerings.’
    • ‘Far from it, Revelation is an inspired piece of writing in which God speaks to our hearts and raises our hopes and expectations.’
    • ‘But for some inspired saves from City goalkeeper Mark Ovendale, United would surely have claimed not just a point but all three.’
    • ‘While hardly approaching August's inspired revelation, I think it gives a good picture of how this situation survives.’
    • ‘Although it was an inspired guess, I'm afraid we can tell you it's incorrect.’
    • ‘Isn't my sputtering rather feeble compared to the inspired apocalyptic rants being posted by some world class ranters?’
    • ‘I have met and talked with many people who are open to inspired revelations outside the Bible.’
    • ‘We all tried to pin down that ineffable quality of inspired classroom activity that can't be made digital and stuffed down an Ethernet cable.’
    • ‘But it had arisen from an act of inspired tinkering with what was still, in many respects, classical physics.’
    • ‘Thus, infallibility is a negative charism, not a positive act of inspired prophecy.’
    • ‘Here, we have seventy-two songs, most of inspired creation and a good many of masterful quality.’
    • ‘Revelation is an inspired perspective on what the world looks like after God perfects it according to God s divine and judging will.’
    • ‘In addition, he has both the star quality we were looking for and is an inspired lyricist.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) displaying a creative impulse in the activity specified.
      ‘she was an inspired gardener’
      • ‘A gifted comic and an inspired character actor, Shortt stared in Paddy Breanacht's new film, Man About Dog and played the unforgettable Tom in Father Ted.’
      • ‘I can only wonder: would the inspired youth who picked up his camera to make Revolution, take to the filmmaker he is today?’
      • ‘These days, he seems pretty uncool, frozen in the modern psyche as the fat Vegas entertainer, but it's the young, hungry, ecstatically inspired Elvis that deserves to be immortalised.’
      • ‘I would be one of the first to agree that there is generally no more than a handful of truly inspired poets within the country at one given moment, but this does not give premise for stifling the efforts of the talented.’
      • ‘She was an inspired gardener who wrote like an angel, but she was elitist to her fingernails.’
      • ‘These ideas were shared by many Romantic artists, and in his early works Berlioz seems to conform to the popular image of the inspired creative artist, cutting new paths and discarding outworn forms.’
      • ‘Ireland put themselves right back into contention with a 54th minute try from inspired substitute Des Dillon, a score added to when Staunton kicked the conversion.’
      • ‘Geraldaine, an inspired musician, said ‘the atmosphere created is electric as musicians play their hearts out and students are eager to learn’.’
      • ‘The inspired prophet cannot even get the number of Seven Sleepers correct, so the compilers of this latest rubbish send in a new revelation from Allah.’
      • ‘The referee's late decision appeared to be an act of sympathy for last season's Dr Martens League champions, who had in some instances been wasteful in front of goal, in others denied by an inspired Kennedy.’
      • ‘Of the inspired, original creator, not a trace remains.’
      • ‘An inspired cast offer up an honest reflection of the difficulties that young people can face - no small feat, in today's movie environment..’
      • ‘The rucking was awe-inspiring, and what about the passing from the wonderful service of an inspired Ronan O'Gara?’
      • ‘But neither Peter Beardsley, John Barnes or the FA Cup's record scorer Ian Rush could find a way past an inspired Bracey as the Welshmen held the Anfield army to a goalless draw.’
      outstanding, wonderful, marvellous, excellent, magnificent, fine, exceptional, formidable, first-class, first-rate, virtuoso, supreme, superlative, dazzling, coruscating, exciting, thrilling, enthralling, memorable
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  • 2(of air or another substance) that is breathed in.

    ‘inspired air must be humidified’
    • ‘Adjust inspired flow rate to maintain a ratio of inhalation time to exhalation time of 1 to 1.5 in most patients.’
    • ‘In animals with lungs, heat is also lost by warming and humidifying the inspired air during breathing, with the greater proportion being through humidification.’
    • ‘With the Fick method, inspired and expired gases are analyzed to determine oxygen consumption.’
    • ‘Exposing the infant to more than 95 percent inspired oxygen in an oxygen hood for 30 minutes is an acceptable hyperoxia test.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, inspired gas concentrations can be manipulated to effect surreptitiously desired changes in alveolar gas tensions.’