Definition of inspector of taxes in English:

inspector of taxes

(British tax inspector)


  • (in the UK) an official responsible for assessing and collecting income tax and some other taxes.

    • ‘A tax inspector is entitled to inspect records relating to the payment of fees or other financial transactions of the taxpayers to determine whether a person owes tax.’
    • ‘Under section 5 of the Act of 1964, assessments are now in general made not by the commissioners but by an inspector of taxes or (in the case of surtax) by the Board of Inland Revenue.’
    • ‘Every business owner's nightmare is a phone call from the Revenue Commissioners informing him that a tax inspector is going to call.’
    • ‘He later spent ten years as an inspector of taxes in the Revenue Commissioners.’
    • ‘The inspector of taxes may assess the profits from his trade of house-improving.’


inspector of taxes