Definition of insouciant in English:



  • Showing a casual lack of concern:

    ‘an insouciant shrug’
    • ‘The path arcs along the curve of the precipice, a 3,000-foot drop just inches away, but Douré is surefooted, singing quietly, insouciant.’
    • ‘They always seemed so blasé, so effortlessly cool; insouciant, suntanned, with great clothes.’
    • ‘In this regard several essays published in 1987 clearly mark a turning point, not to mention the insouciant crashing of psychoanalytic theory on the Black Studies scene.’
    • ‘Extant anthropoids appear to be blithely insouciant to such syndromes.’
    • ‘But whatever the insouciant stage persona said, underneath Smith desperately wanted approval.’
    nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned, lacking concern, indifferent, blasé, heedless, relaxed, calm, equable, equanimous, serene, composed, casual, easy, easy-going, airy, breezy, carefree, free and easy, free from care, free from worry, happy-go-lucky, light-hearted, frivolous, unserious
    cool, laid back, upbeat
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