Definition of insolubility in English:



  • See insoluble

    • ‘It is in the insolubility of these mysteries that the continued fascination with Hitler resides.’
    • ‘The very property that makes it useful in the cell membrane, namely its insolubility in water, also makes it lethal.’
    • ‘Fermentability of dietary fibre components in the colon has also been related to some of the beneficial physiological effects more consistently than solubility / insolubility.’
    • ‘Phosphorus is found in all living cells, but some scientists doubt that the most common form of phosphorus - phosphate - helped form life on earth due to its insolubility in water.’
    • ‘He admits the insolubility of human reason of the basic metaphysical problem i.e. how becoming arose out of immutable being and plurality out of Unity.’