Definition of insistently in English:



  • 1In an insistent or demanding manner.

    ‘he insistently demanded that we move’
    ‘they continued to press insistently forward from all sides’
    • ‘By gently but insistently telling you to slow down, the piece suggests the approach the artist feels is appropriate to his work.’
    • ‘Like a cowboy herding cattle, it slowly but insistently nudges a standard-issue plot along its well-worn course.’
    • ‘"Don't let him bother you, Frank," she interrupted insistently.’
    • ‘Pablo ignores him and insistently continues, asking him what he wears under his skirt.’
    • ‘Her mother would call, thinly but insistently, summoning Caroline to help her to her chair in the living room.’
    • ‘I was relating my address when a guard approached and insistently tapped her watch, indicating time was up.’
    • ‘His mother insistently asked him to do this.’
    • ‘Even as he insistently urges her to consider an earlier wedding, she responds with the shallow remarks that society has taught her.’
    • ‘He very insistently talks about what he calls Alexander's longing.’
    • ‘I tugged insistently on his arm.’
  • 2In a continuous or repetitive way.

    ‘an insistently ringing phone’
    • ‘Fortunately, many documentary makers of all generations have been insistently trying to fill in the gaps.’
    • ‘Lee's insistently flat pictorial fields are for the first time riddled with nervous energy.’
    • ‘This insistently polemical approach is most explicitly revealed in his method of sorting through the sample texts.’
    • ‘More traditional in technique, they are linked to Impressionism through insistently modern subjects.’
    • ‘These huge questions have been circulating insistently through the art world of late.’
    • ‘It is insistently masculinist, extending to nationalist war mythology.’
    • ‘The archeological discoveries of the time insistently cropped up throughout the exhibition.’
    • ‘Music is sometimes employed too insistently to create mood.’
    • ‘The movement for both sexes is insistently robust.’
    • ‘Some of these questions overlap or at least return insistently to the same themes.’