Definition of insignificance in English:


(also insignificancy)


mass noun
  • The quality of being too small or unimportant to be worth consideration.

    ‘he is aware of his own insignificance within the bigger picture’
    • ‘The script is laced with insignificance.’
    • ‘The insignificance of poems that directly describe an unmediated experience is the emperor without clothes.’
    • ‘They all pale into complete insignificance when compared with the beautiful and well-constructed Wuthering Heights.’
    • ‘Our evolution has been mired in regressive politics and leaders who misdirect public policy on diversionary insignificancy.’
    • ‘The greater part have spent their time in the most listless and insipid indolence, chagrined at the thoughts of their own insignificancy.’
    • ‘Watching him dance made everything else pale into insignificance.’
    • ‘Like a mountain, a large building can remind us of our own insignificance.’
    • ‘Rarely does a performer with such negligible talent flaunt his insignificance with such wanton panache.’
    • ‘Canadian consumers appear to have understood the insignificance of the health risk.’
    • ‘To trivialize its message is to comment on our own insignificance.’