Definition of insidiously in English:



  • In a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

    ‘anxiety insidiously infiltrates your thoughts and behaviour’
    ‘slowly and insidiously the alcohol tightens its grip on the drinker’
    • ‘Even more insidiously, tracking information can be used to exert social control.’
    • ‘Prejudices are not only brought to texts, they are insidiously assigned them.’
    • ‘The whole concept of the scout, insidiously checking that we behave, is similarly ridiculous.’
    • ‘Such a situation is not just wrong per se—it also insidiously disfigures civic life.’
    • ‘He was innocent, framed by the insidiously evil schoolteacher.’
    • ‘A young acrobat can see an insidiously expanding mole on the face of those marked for imminent death.’
    • ‘This spectacular cinematic achievement was marred only by the film's insidiously racist vision of the post–Civil War era.’
    • ‘Piped insidiously into the atmosphere is a loop of orchestral arrangements of popular songs.’
    • ‘What I hadn't yet realized was how insidiously memorable it is.’
    • ‘The actor's low-key approach makes this the most insidiously terrifying individual he has ever portrayed.’