Definition of inside out in English:

inside out


  • With the inner surface turned outwards:

    ‘she put her dress on inside out’
    • ‘Because of sensitive skin, he has been known at times to wear his shirts inside out to avoid irritation.’
    • ‘They say to meet a witch is easy - you put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night.’
    • ‘We didn't have a clue what we were doing as the thing was blown inside out, outside in and upside down.’
    • ‘When you get dressed you put your top on inside out and try putting your trousers on the wrong way round.’
    • ‘For us first-time cruisers it was all a bit of a giggle, especially when it was pointed out that my lifejacket was on inside out.’
    • ‘Derry irons sport shirts inside out so that the plastic lettering doesn't melt.’
    • ‘This was followed by another lad going by the name of Thanksgiving, who wore his jumper artistically inside out.’
    • ‘From November to March its rooms are booked up more quickly than umbrellas turn inside out.’
    • ‘Hang them on the line inside out as well because the sun will bleach the fabric.’
    • ‘She has dissected found Kleenex boxes and turned them inside-out.’
    • ‘I remember being on the Tube in the morning and realizing that I'd put my t-shirt on inside out.’
    • ‘I've just nearly gone out of the door with my joggers on inside out.’
    • ‘I'm the one running through the gate as the bell rings with my cardigan on inside out.’
    • ‘A sudden violent gust of wind which blew it inside out and sideways, so all the spokes got bent out of shape.’
    • ‘Inside, when you halve them and flip the skin inside out to eat it, the sumptuous orange flesh is neither watery nor stringy.’


  • Having the inner surface turned outwards:

    ‘inside-out clothes’
    • ‘By the time the inside-out flesh fiend shows up to correct the carnal corruption, a kind of catharsis occurs.’
    • ‘Personal advantages there may be for those who are wet-behind-the-ears, it doesn't follow that the world exists in the inside-out state.’
    • ‘After all, there are plenty of Scottish players who are infinitely more pleasing to the eye when their faces are hidden by inside-out football shirts.’
    • ‘To put it bluntly, Calzone is kind of an inside-out pizza.’
    • ‘My umbrella was worryingly teetering halfway between inside-out and not-inside-out.’
    • ‘Proton uptake into the inside-out vesicles was monitored as the decrease in the intensity of the acridine orange at 495 nm.’
    • ‘I saw more inside-out brollies today than I have in ages.’
    • ‘A golfer turned up on the first last Saturday with his shirt inside-out - seemed to affect his play too!’
    • ‘That would be the other knee scraped now, with a little ankle twisty thrown into the mix and an inside-out Coach umbrella.’
    • ‘The B.C. is a Canadian classic inside-out roll of barbecue salmon skin and cucumber.’
    • ‘Cher was dressed in what looked like an inside out polar bear complemented by a fetching Egyptian headdress.’
    • ‘There, at the bottom of the bag, was a pair of inside-out bicycle shorts.’
    • ‘He is sporting several days of stubble and a pinstriped secondhand sport coat over an inside-out T-shirt.’
    • ‘Or more exactly, they taste like an inside-out hot fudge sundae: sweet, then salty.’
    • ‘Single-channel recordings were performed in excised inside-out membrane patches using standard patch-clamp techniques.’
    • ‘The blocky concrete structure resembles an inside-out library, with the imprint of rows of books, spines facing in, lining the outer walls.’
    • ‘We then investigated ion permeability of rSK2 channel under bionic conditions using excised inside-out patches.’
    • ‘That this belt is on a pair of inside-out jeans makes him especially pathetic, but somehow it doesn't diminish one's respect for his intelligence.’
    • ‘So I guess the opposition can just pick on the spectators with the inside-out shirts…’