Definition of insentient in English:



  • Incapable of feeling or understanding things; inanimate.

    ‘it's arrogant to presume animals to be insentient’
    • ‘Anything else in the room remained stationary and insentient.’
    • ‘It states that the individual soul and insentient matter are distinct from Brahman, but Brahman is the basis of their existence and reality.’
    • ‘The animation of insentient or nonhuman entities produces an effect of cacophony and distraction.’
    • ‘Casually and almost unwillingly she knelt down beside Nitrus and Psyd, holding her hands above the insentient body.’
    • ‘Over the three months, they learned not only the names, but also the faces and the characteristics of their sentient and insentient neighbors.’
    • ‘Here, the profound inertia of self-duplicating and arbitrary sovereignty is revealed as absurd, unconnected repetition, the phonemes detonating like the ‘thumping’ of the insentient machine imagined by Rachel.’
    • ‘And not only are the men fond of it, even such insentient creatures as plants and trees have become infected and take delight in it.’
    • ‘It is not possible to reciprocate a purely passive or mechanical or insentient conglomeration of objects.’
    • ‘The conclusion that we live in an unplanned, insentient universe became ineluctable.’
    • ‘Everyone else was either insentient or had run away.’
    • ‘While Shiva is Knowledge-Existence-Bliss Absolute, the Shakti is the manifestation of the Principle at immanent plane as the reality of the whole universe, both sentient and insentient.’
    • ‘Cunningham paused, and turned to appraise Katalin, who was still lying insentient before the fire.’
    • ‘Every being - sentient or insentient - has a role to play in this manifest universality of the Spirit.’
    • ‘It is an umbrella term, applicable equally to concrete and abstract, immediate or remembered, sensory or conceptual, subjective or objective, sentient or insentient, organic or inorganic, and so on.’
    • ‘Here, Feinberg denies that an insentient potential person has interests at all.’
    • ‘Kristin becomes insentient rather than sap her lover's creativity, thus upholding the conventions of the period.’
    • ‘The line should be drawn between sentient beings and insentient things.’
    • ‘Most of us assume we have moved beyond treating animals as insentient things.’
    • ‘It is worth ending this small number of unethical killings in order to secure the right of women to rid their bodies of unnecessary and insentient clumps of flesh.’
    • ‘Thus, out of three qualities of Sat, Chit, and Ananda, Jiva or ordinary soul fails to manifest Ananda and both Ananda and Consciousness are hidden in jada or insentient beings.’
    inanimate, lifeless, inorganic, inert
    insensate, lacking physical sensation
    unconscious, comatose, anaesthetized, desensitized, numb
    stupefied, knocked out, passed out, blacked out
    dead to the world, out, out cold, out for the count, out of it
    spark out
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