Definition of insectarium in English:


(also insectary)


  • A place where insects are kept, exhibited, and studied.

    • ‘We placed these larvae in an outdoor insectary so that they experienced the same chilling duration and temperatures as the released insects.’
    • ‘Control of such sites is limited to biocontrol agents and would benefit from the establishment of local insectariums for rearing and releasing biocontrol insects.’
    • ‘Although in recent years the tradition of giving children rhinoceros beeries and stag beeries as gifts has lost ground to purchasing tiny electronic creature toys, children still flock to Japan's insectariums, or arthropod zoos.’
    • ‘And when native wasps were fed honey for 2 to 3 days, they became more aggressive and long-lived than those given only pupae in insectaries.’
    • ‘Trichogramma wasps, tiny parasites of the moth's egg stage, are commonly reared by insectaries and sold for pest control.’