Definition of inscrutability in English:



  • See inscrutable

    • ‘And why would critics value inscrutability so highly?’
    • ‘While these discourses appear to make sense, they in fact impart no information to the reader, who is left to marvel as the inscrutability of the cosmos.’
    • ‘McQueen's beautiful, monosyllabic, slightly smug inscrutability is exemplified in his two major roles of 1968, the millionaire thief Thomas Crown and the almost silent cop Frank Bullitt.’
    • ‘This kind of self-indulgent wordplay will probably delight those readers who equate inscrutability with intelligence, but it will deeply annoy those who simply want to understand.’
    • ‘He stopped and turned back to look at her, not with a quizzical expression because he was trained not to display his emotions but with a stony face of impenetrable inscrutability.’