Definition of insalubrious in English:



  • (of a place) seedy and run-down; unwholesome:

    ‘a poor area full of insalubrious hotels’
    • ‘Shortly before his death he separated from his second wife and went to live in an insalubrious suburb of Paris.’
    • ‘The Asian fusion restaurant is in the Cathedral Quarter, it's exquisite interior in stark contrast to the insalubrious back street it's located on.’
    • ‘He damned the owners of the CPR and the banks, and all the other vested interests who scurried along Bay Street, St. James Street and other insalubrious neighbourhoods in the East.’
    • ‘He reminded me of a bad guy out of a western movie - a heartless hombre silhouetted in the doorway of some insalubrious saloon.’
    • ‘The conditions they lived in were atrocious: overcrowded lodging houses, cellars, and garrets, shanty towns in the insalubrious districts beyond the town walls.’
    • ‘Moreover, when the taxed-out or squeezed-out peasant moved to the insalubrious factory barracks, he became part of an ill-paid, unhealthy, unskilled, and uneducated proletariat which was a social problem in itself.’
    • ‘William reserves his disgust for the insalubrious hotels on the circuit and the presence of underagers on the streets.’
    • ‘I went into this most insalubrious place with little gnome-like people hunched over indescribable pictures, and I asked the man for this Tokyo Rose.’
    • ‘With the one-bed Gorgie flat set to increase by almost £10000 over the next year, all but the most insalubrious Edinburgh locations will be off limits to single buyers on budgets.’
    • ‘He is from Pera which is a very insalubrious area of Istanbul.’
    • ‘Sitting in an insalubrious but comfortable room, with heating, a computer, a telephone, a fridge, and water on tap, I would feel a fraud decrying science, which lies behind the technologies that make all of these things possible.’
    • ‘The old model authorized intervention at the local level and also justified public works projects that improved water and sewage systems and cleared away insalubrious housing.’
    • ‘Dudley and Lola try not to let their insalubrious surroundings get in the way of their weekend.’
    seedy, unsavoury, sordid, seamy, sleazy, unpleasant, dingy, mean, wretched, dismal
    slummy, slum-like, squalid, shabby, ramshackle, tumbledown, run down, down at heel, dilapidated, neglected, uncared-for, unmaintained, crumbling, decaying, gone to rack and ruin
    scruffy, scuzzy, crummy, grungy, shambly
    shacky, skanky
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Mid 17th century: from Latin insalubris (from in- not + salubris salubrious) + -ous.