Definition of inquirer in English:



  • See inquire

    • ‘Science is a deeply social enterprise, relying on the work, cooperative and competitive, of generations of inquirers, and their pooled evidential resources.’
    • ‘In times to come, historical inquirers will know better how to appraise its importance and influence, even in what is at present hidden from our gaze and where no or only grudging recognition is accorded.’
    • ‘A big attraction for subscribers is an online ‘price request’ facility, allowing for inquirers and engineers looking for specific prices on equipment or services to find suppliers and their price tags at the push of a button.’
    • ‘Similarly, negotiators and inquirers must acknowledge their own biases and ‘remain open to the positions and interests of others’.’
    • ‘And we want the international community to send us an international commission of inquirers.’