Definition of Inns of Chancery in English:

Inns of Chancery

plural noun

  • (in the UK) the buildings in London formerly used as hostels for law students.

    • ‘Grammar-school boys might also go, either directly or after university, to one of the eight Inns of Chancery or the four Inns of Court, where barristers were trained and worked.’
    • ‘At some later stage some of these Inns of Chancery became attached to one of the four Inns of Court.’
    • ‘It seems to me, therefore, clear that at that time these Inns of Chancery were schools of learning.’
    • ‘The first Crusade began in 1095; by the middle of the next century there were three famous schools or inns in London, attached to churches, pre-dating the Inns of Court, the Inns of Chancery and the earliest colleges in Oxford.’
    • ‘By the 15th century the Inns of Chancery had become preparatory schools for the Inns of Court.’