Definition of inner tube in English:

inner tube


  • 1A separate inflatable tube inside a pneumatic tyre.

    • ‘After using a patch kit to repair the inner tube or replacing the tube altogether, pump up the inner tube until it is filled just enough that there are no creases left in the tube.’
    • ‘When my fingers smell of rubber solution and I have discovered the umpteenth miniscule hole in an inner tube, I reckon that my most significant lifetime achievement is to fix bicycle punctures.’
    • ‘I changed the inner tubes as it came with 'woods' type valves and I prefer schraeder.’
    • ‘With a mere twist of the wrist he had the offending inner tube exposed and immediately pushed the valve sideways and showed me a tear in the rubber at that very spot.’
    • ‘The robber stole a few cartons of cigarettes and some bicycle tyre inner tubes from their shop.’
    • ‘This, however, tasted the way squid should - it was delicately marinated, rather than cloyingly covered in soy sauce, and had the texture of beautifully done scallops rather than over-cooked inner tubes.’
    • ‘The car's tyres were pneumatic but had no inner tube.’
    • ‘At the time she was trying to fit a new inner tube into her bike tyre, she'd obviously had a puncture.’
    • ‘New and used bike parts are also sold, including inner tubes and other basic items.’
    • ‘Early next morning we took the inner tubes and tyre to the garage to remove some bits of metal that had become embedded, and to patch the tyre again.’
    • ‘Sweet, I'll see if the inner tube is the problem.’
    • ‘These blowouts were not from the Kevlar tyres letting them down but simply from inner tubes exploding!’
    • ‘The inner tube installed in the front tire of the 2001 Scout was undersized.’
    • ‘It took about 25 minutes from stopping until he arrived and the new inner tube had been pumped up.’
    • ‘We had fiery carbide lamps, trusty tyre inner tubes and a reputation to look after.’
    • ‘Just as John Boyd Dunlop invented the inner tube because he was tired of his bicycle tyres getting punctures, the tyre industry in the mid 90's began to look at ways to stop the problems caused by punctures.’
    • ‘The Michelin brothers used up their entire spare stock of 22 inner tubes on their Peugeot during the race.’
    • ‘Alternatively you can use disposable sinkers such as pebbles or wet sand tied inside lengths of bicycle inner tube or scrap pieces of metal such as old nuts and bolts if you can lay your hands on such things.’
    • ‘The students also performed basic maintenance, including changing tires, inner tubes and brake service free of charge.’
    • ‘Instead of an inner tube the tyre has a rubber lining and the pressure of the beading against the rim of the wheel is claimed to give a seal which is proof against any escape of air.’
    1. 1.1 A large inflatable circular tube for riding on water or snow.
      ‘we cruised down the river on inner tubes’


inner tube