Definition of inner space in English:

inner space


  • 1The region between the earth and outer space, or below the surface of the sea.

  • 2The part of the mind not normally accessible to consciousness.

    • ‘I carefully stretched my knees, warming the joints after the long drive, loosening my shoulders, just letting the tension roll out and the peace of the silent canyons slowly fill that inner space.’
    • ‘I am discovering how important that inner space is.’
    • ‘The Meditations, in both form and content, remains one of the most thorough-going and compelling examples we have of exploration of that inner space.’
    • ‘A good Yoga teacher can bring a class to awareness of personal inner space, helped by using incense and tapes of chanting, ending with the class sitting in quiet meditation.’
    • ‘Well, it is always sacred, but you can't separate inner space from outer space.’
    • ‘‘We are conquering outer space at the cost of inner space and now the time has come to search for the other side of life,’ he said.’
    • ‘Now I have your attention, this week's real task is springcleaning your inner space from limiting thoughts and habits.’
    • ‘The paradox of our times is that while we have conquered outer space, we are ignorant of inner space.’
    • ‘We've conquered outer space, but not inner space; we've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul; we've split the atom, but not our prejudice.’
    • ‘Since his death Jung has alternately been portrayed as a peddler of sophisticated superstition and praised as a guru of inner space.’
    • ‘Once more, I believe, a more confident Japanese command of inner space explains why the difference can be blurred.’
    • ‘Russolo appreciated that music was as much chaos as order, it was a mix of outer space and inner space, and it was about breaking rules more than following them.’
    • ‘Meditate and taste your inner space of silence and bliss.’
    • ‘I am convinced it is in this inner space that spirit, community, accountability and service to each other and ultimately awareness of inter-connectedness lives and thrives.’
    • ‘They parlay the topography of inner space, playing the turbulent emotional states that lie beneath the surface of all song forms.’
    • ‘We're confronted by an infinite vision, one that ultimately deceives us as it shifts from outer space to inner space (while still retaining its concern with the infinite).’