Definition of inner ear in English:

inner ear


  • The semicircular canals and cochlea, which form the organs of balance and hearing and are embedded in the temporal bone.

    • ‘Hearing takes place at the level of the inner ear hair cells - the basic sensory elements of hearing.’
    • ‘It contains three tiny bones that move when sounds reach them, transmitting the sound waves through the middle ear to the inner ear.’
    • ‘In the middle ear are three tiny lever-like bones that carry sound vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear.’
    • ‘In the cochlea in the inner ear, the vibrations are changed into electric signals that move along the nerves to the brain.’
    • ‘Cochlear implants are devices that are surgically placed in the inner ear.’
    • ‘The sound, from a radio or a mobile phone, is then carried through the jaw bone to the inner ear by bone resonance which converts the digital signals to audio.’
    • ‘Keeping your sense of balance depends on your brain processing a variety of information from your eyes, your nervous system and your inner ears.’
    • ‘The stirrup bone exerts pressure at the oval window of the inner ear, further increasing the sound energy up to fifteen times.’
    • ‘The pathology usually lies in the posterior semicircular canal of the inner ear.’
    • ‘The cochlea is the organ of hearing of the mammalian inner ear, transducing sound into an electrical signal.’
    • ‘Most of these have to do with problems of the inner ear or of the brain stem or cerebellum.’
    • ‘These bones vibrate in succession and move the lower membrane of the organ of corti located in the cochlea of the inner ear.’
    • ‘The unique semicircular canals of the inner ear continuously inform the brain of the head and body's position.’
    • ‘In older people, the most common cause is degeneration in the semi-circular canals of the inner ear.’
    • ‘Microscopic crystals of aragonite located in the inner ears of zebrafish control balance and hearing.’
    • ‘The thing is that the nerve connecting the inner ear and the hearing center in the brain usually has only one thread.’
    • ‘Very rarely, tumours affecting the nerve that supplies the inner ear may cause dizziness.’
    • ‘Changes in the inner ear or in the nerves attached to it, earwax buildup and various diseases can all impact your hearing.’
    • ‘Many cases of early deafness can be helped by a device implanted in the inner ear, the cochlea.’
    • ‘In the remaining time before hatching, eyes develop from the optic vesicles, and the inner ear develops from the otic vesicles.’


inner ear