Definition of inland sea in English:

inland sea


  • An entirely landlocked large body of salt or fresh water.

    • ‘The cemetery looks down on the flat bed of what was once the huge inland sea known at Lake Bonneville, the valley floor where the original city was platted.’
    • ‘Local attractions include stunning inland seas and intrepid volcano treks, but the stars of the show are the mountain gorillas.’
    • ‘The northern part of the lake, dry and sandy, is where the Sahara continues as it has done for thousands of years to eat into what was once a gigantic inland sea.’
    • ‘According to the U.S. Geological Society, the world has 2 million cubic miles of fresh water stored in the earth, and 60,000 cubic miles stored in lakes, inland seas and rivers (one cubic mile is more than one trillion gallons).’
    • ‘A week later I was driving through the blackness of a rain-swept night around the edge of the inland sea that is Rutland Water.’
    • ‘About the size of a sea lion, the ancient marine reptile swam the shallow waters of an inland sea that covered Australia about 115 million years ago.’
    • ‘It's a very romantic idea that early colonials had, that the interior of the country must have an inland sea or a body of water.’
    • ‘The ice had so far only coated the inland seas separating the six islands; later the entire ocean would freeze, and it would be possible, theoretically, to walk to the vast Mainland of Albia.’
    • ‘Think that this place used to be at the bottom of a great inland sea.’
    • ‘It sits beside beautiful Mono Lake, a brackish inland sea that loses water only by evaporation.’
    • ‘The Kununurra tourist office says Lake Argyle is properly classifiable as an inland sea, rather than a mere lake.’
    • ‘Holding three-fourths of the Earth's standing fresh water, they are really inland seas - high seas, actually, rising a mean 574 feet above sea level.’
    • ‘You can watch the whitecaps kick up on the vast inland sea of Mono Lake or explore labyrinths of hard lava.’
    • ‘It is inspired by Charles Sturt's 19th Century journey to discover the mythical inland sea in the centre of Australia.’
    • ‘The global supply of sodium chloride is mostly mined as rock salt from man-made caves resulting from evaporation of ancient inland seas.’
    • ‘The remainder largely comprises freshwater sources - in the form of ice-caps, glaciers, inland seas, rivers, lakes, groundwater, atmosphere and soil moisture.’
    • ‘The Arctic was still bitterly cold in winter because, with less sunshine, not only did the polar ocean freeze over in winter, but the inland seas as well.’
    • ‘The ground I was walking on was once covered by a vast inland sea, I'm told by the godless geologists.’
    • ‘And there before us was Lake Victoria, the inland sea.’
    • ‘And Philip's paintings often remember the region's past, originally an inland sea, now feeling the effects of prolonged drought.’

Definition of Inland Sea in English:

Inland Sea

proper noun

  • An almost landlocked arm of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the Japanese islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Its chief port is Hiroshima.