Definition of inkstand in English:



  • A stand for one or more ink bottles, typically incorporating a pen tray.

    • ‘They were presented with an oak Derby roll top desk, an inkstand and a case of fish knives and forks.’
    • ‘Thumb and forefinger pressed together, as if to urge the top on, the boy dreams awhile before settling down to the books and the inkstand he has pushed to one side.’
    • ‘Perhaps representing the height of the neoclassical idiom, literally embracing both ancient and eighteenth-century Rome, is the inkstand illustrated in Plate XII.’
    • ‘Much of the detail, interior and exterior, all the way down to doorknobs and inkstands, was designed by Pugin, who prepared detailed drawings by the thousand.’
    • ‘An antique silver sauceboat will set you back €250, while inkstands are priced upwards of €200.’
    • ‘Shaped like a fortified medieval castle with domes and a lighthouse-like tower, the case conforms glovelike to the elements of the inkstand.’
    • ‘She took her pen from its inkstand and opened the diary to its first, blank page.’
    • ‘Stothard contributed designs not only for large objects such as inkstands and centerpieces, but also for decanter labels and flatware.’
    • ‘He would be incautious in dipping his pen into his inkstand.’
    • ‘For the next few months, he went from shack to barracks and on to the next settlement accompanied by a single guard who carried his inkstand and warned the householders of his imminent arrival.’
    • ‘I'm sure there were those who lamented the demise of the quill pen and inkstand in the classroom.’
    • ‘He regarded the man who had taught him calligraphy with such reverence that he would stand and hold the inkstand while his teacher worked.’
    • ‘In the April of that year, they delivered a ‘small knurled inkstand, a large dolphin trowel, a set of vases, a set of chased canisters, three escallop shells and three dish crosses’.’