Definition of injured in English:



  • 1Harmed, damaged, or impaired.

    ‘a road accident left him severely injured’
    • ‘As a result he suffered head fractures, a wasted hand, an injured spine and damage to his kidneys.’
    • ‘Heroic neighbours risked their lives to rescue an injured pensioner from the shattered remains of her home after a massive gas blast.’
    • ‘One of the victims was taken to hospital with a swollen eye, bruised forehead and injured shoulder.’
    • ‘A clean-up operation is under way at a Rendall salmon-farm to remove thousands of dead and injured fish following damage to sea cages on Friday night.’
    • ‘Sprains usually cause pain, tenderness, swelling, or bruising to the injured area.’
    • ‘At least two of the injured suffered serious bone fractures.’
    • ‘The only saving grace for the animal, say zoo officials, is that there appears to be no fracture in the injured leg.’
    • ‘Finally, the third condition is the existence of a causal link between the breach of the State's obligation and the harm suffered by the injured parties.’
    • ‘Many homes, schools, mosques and offices were damaged and thousands of injured people were taken to hospital.’
    • ‘Furthermore, successful recovery for damages on behalf of injured consumers may be difficult or impossible.’
    • ‘The board is also helpful to anyone with an injured or disabled hand.’
    • ‘He was always injured or temporarily mentally impaired and I had to save him and make decisions for the both of us.’
    • ‘The officials said some of the 47 injured students sustained fractures, but none appeared to be critically hurt.’
    • ‘If they don't have the necessary coverage, you could be held liable for an injured employee or damage to a neighbors home caused by the contractor.’
    • ‘Many of the 120 injured police had head wounds and bruising.’
    • ‘Doctors are putting smiles back on the faces of seriously injured and deformed children with the help of a revolutionary new implant to help rebuild their looks.’
    • ‘The season as a whole hasn't gone as well as I would have liked - I got banned, then I was out for a few games with injured ribs and then I got knocked unconscious.’
    • ‘Davis continues to be hobbled by an injured knee and a sore hamstring.’
    • ‘In addition to a claim for damages, an injured employee may also have a claim for various social security benefits.’
    • ‘Build new health and rehabilitation facilities, and train new health care workers to meet the needs of injured and disabled workers’
    hurt, wounded, harmed, sore, damaged, bruised, on the sick list, disabled
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  • 2Offended.

    ‘his injured pride’
    • ‘It is reasonable to suggest therefore that her victory helped to heal the wounds of injured national pride.’
    • ‘He then went on to consider the question of damages and concluded that damages for injured feelings and mental suffering were recoverable.’
    • ‘Nathan's injured pride overcome by his desire to be made whole.’
    • ‘His form practically radiated anger and injured pride.’
    • ‘Luckily, the ground was covered with a soft layer of moss; too bad it did nothing to help his injured pride.’
    • ‘What she said next transformed my injured pride into guilt.’
    • ‘Adding insult to Dunfermline's injured pride was Scott McLean who nabbed a late fourth for Partick who must have wished this game would never end.’
    • ‘He will, moreover, be nursing a case of injured pride this morning.’
    • ‘Thus, although the loss of a job is very often the cause of injured feelings and emotional upset, the law does not recognize these as compensable losses.’
    • ‘He was actually delighting in the fact that Violet had been struck simply because it soothed his injured pride.’
    • ‘His legs immediately gave way and he rolled backwards with a loud thud, landing sprawled, suffering from chronically injured pride, in an ungainly heap.’
    • ‘Without taking his hands from the controls, the bear motioned with the nod of his head toward the other seat, but gave her a friendly smile to ease her injured pride.’
    • ‘It is injured pride that keeps both hawks and doves locked in battle, says Andrew Anthony’
    • ‘I sat quietly, nursing injured pride and thoughts of the future; the most recent report had been that our owners were planning a sale.’
    • ‘No small amount of mayhem is committed every year in the name of injured pride.’
    • ‘He could hardly keep from laughing as he spoke, but adopted a look of injured pride.’
    • ‘I figured that sound would soothe his injured pride.’
    • ‘As much as it dents my already injured pride, Scorpion is right.’
    • ‘Battling to restore their injured pride, London Broncos pushed St Helens all the way, but lost their clash at home on Saturday 30-20.’
    • ‘My mother gave her best imitation of a person with injured pride.’
    wronged, offended, abused, maltreated, mistreated, ill-treated, ill-used, harmed
    upset, hurt, wounded, reproachful, offended, piqued, pained, aggrieved
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