Definition of injure in English:



  • 1with object Do physical harm or damage to (someone)

    ‘the explosion injured several people’
    • ‘There were minor traffic delays on that stretch of road, but nobody was injured by the falling cargo and it was cleared up later that evening.’
    • ‘I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for injuring me.’
    • ‘She then tried to bite a police officer's leg and lashed out at a third victim, smashing his glasses and injuring him.’
    • ‘A section of fencing was damaged although it is not thought anyone was seriously injured.’
    • ‘It's understood a number of customers in particular were very badly shaken after the ordeal although nobody was physically injured.’
    • ‘We were fortunate the engine did not fail in flight and cause additional damage (or injure someone from the thrown blades).’
    • ‘And failing that if I could trip him up during the game and injure him; then he would have to retire hurt and I would be victorious.’
    • ‘They want to catch the pair in case they try to hurt or injure someone else.’
    • ‘He was fatally injured when he was thrown from the car as it rolled over.’
    • ‘The glass smashed into the landlord's face, injuring him and causing a deep 4cm cut to his left cheek.’
    • ‘It is not thought that anyone was seriously injured, but police have urged anyone who was hurt in the incident, or saw what happened, to contact them.’
    • ‘Two rooms suffered extensive fire and smoke damage but nobody was injured.’
    • ‘Ball lightning is not known to have ever killed or injured anyone, but has caused minor damage.’
    • ‘I will not intentionally injure you or harm you in any long-lasting way.’
    • ‘And they can be sentenced for up to six months for throwing fireworks, selling them to minors or in public, causing damage to a road, or injuring someone on a road.’
    • ‘A rocket launcher was discharged in the battle area by fellow marines around the time he was fatally injured.’
    • ‘He had not injured anyone or caused damage, the ministry said on Friday.’
    • ‘Nobody was injured and it was broken up immediately.’
    • ‘Even if I could manage not to feel that horrible stabbing sickness in my gut when someone got hurt, the thought of actually injuring someone still made me feel ill.’
    • ‘Although the explosion created extensive damage, nobody was injured in the blast.’
    hurt, wound, harm, damage, disable
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    1. 1.1 Suffer physical harm or damage to (a part of one's body)
      ‘he injured his back helping the girl’
      • ‘Australia's Chris Latham will miss at least three matches for his Super 12 side Queensland after injuring his ankle, the test fullback said yesterday.’
      • ‘Lazio defender Stam is ruled out of the match in Amsterdam after picking up a yellow card in Saturday's first leg at Hampden, while de Boer is struggling to be fit after injuring a thigh.’
      • ‘The Connacht club footballer of the year had gone to hell and back since injuring his knee less than two weeks previous but sheer persistence and guts enabled him to play his part for the remaining quarter of the match.’
      • ‘The chances of a child injuring his front teeth are quite high, especially when they protrude, more so in contact sports.’
      • ‘Adolescent girl athletes are as much as eight times more likely to injure their knee's anterior cruciate ligament than their male counterparts.’
      • ‘Already without Chris Nicholls through injury the second team had another setback when Trevor Williams withdrew after injuring his back in the earlier match.’
      • ‘He missed the last round of racing at Thruxton after injuring his back at Oulton Park a few weeks earlier.’
      • ‘Apparently scientists are baffled by the endurance of one man who has the rare talent of staring at the sun for hours at a time without injuring his eyes.’
      • ‘It is the same training as that given to opera singers, who use special techniques to project their voices around an auditorium without straining or injuring their vocal cords.’
      • ‘Today I have experienced extreme pain in my left wrist and forearm, I don't remember injuring it whilst out riding on Sunday and there wasn't any pain there beforehand.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, City have been boosted by the news Alex Mathie returned to full training yesterday for the first time since injuring his hamstring in pre-season.’
      • ‘Beginners should steer clear of the campus board until they have built up hand strength - otherwise they risk injuring tendons in their fingers.’
      • ‘Port Adelaide is confident star forward Warren Tredrea will be fit for the finals after injuring his shoulder in Darwin on Saturday night.’
      • ‘And, the Olympic medal hope won the under-19's tournament despite injuring his hand in the early rounds of his title challenge.’
      • ‘He had to be content with helping out in the car park of a well-organised event, after falling in the Duddon Valley in the Lake District a couple of days before and injuring his knee.’
      • ‘The Dead Kennedys should have been playing Salisbury City Hall on May 29, but the event was cancelled due to their guitarists East Bay Ray injuring his hand.’
      • ‘Rhodes had only just resumed training after injuring his knee in early December and the medal provides some compensation for missing his first international for England due to his injury.’
      • ‘He fell nearly six feet into the orchestra pit, badly fracturing his wrist, injuring his leg and cutting his lip.’
      • ‘He has been forced to abandon his 3,500 mile journey after injuring his knees during the first tenth of the journey.’
      • ‘He had missed the two previous matches against Great Britain after injuring ribs earlier in the tournament, but he announced his return in spectacular style with a display rich in poise, precision and purpose.’
  • 2Harm or impair (something)

    ‘a libel calculated to injure the company's reputation’
    • ‘And if, in fact, you're not appropriate, and you're injuring the station, they'll fire you.’
    • ‘We do so out of the conviction that scholars of the world are a community and that harm to the academic freedom of some in that community injures the entire community.’
    • ‘Nobody has a right to use them in a way that will diminish or injure their use and enjoyment by others.’
    • ‘Both acts of wanton destruction were deliberately aimed at symbolically injuring the self-esteem of the targeted victims, beside tremendous loss of innocent lives.’
    • ‘In other words, it means simply that in the performance of a contract both parties are assumed to agree not to do anything to impede its performance, or to injure the right of the other to receive its benefit.’
    • ‘A U.S. pork industry group requested the duties last year, accusing Canada of selling hogs in the United States at below-market prices and injuring American farmers.’
    harm, damage, impair, undermine, diminish, impede, weaken, enfeeble
    damage, mar, spoil, ruin, blight, blemish, besmirch, tarnish, blacken
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    1. 2.1archaic Do injustice or wrong to (someone).
      • ‘They stand up as if personally insulted, personally wronged, personally injured.’
      • ‘One of the basic concepts of tort law is that if someone is injured by the wrong of another, then there's a right to be made whole in court.’
      wrong, do an injury to, do an injustice to, offend against, be detrimental to
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Late Middle English: back-formation from injury.