Definition of inimitable in English:



  • So good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique:

    ‘they took the charts by storm with their inimitable style’
    • ‘With his inimitable style, he started writing plays and short stories.’
    • ‘So too is Wright and his own inimitable version of tough love.’
    • ‘And these were many, written in his much admired and inimitable prose style.’
    • ‘Needless to say, in my own inimitable way these days, I didn't care.’
    • ‘The other selections are Corea originals, written in his inimitable style.’
    • ‘Subtle and understated, he acts and shouts his way through scenes with inimitable style.’
    • ‘He is full of inimitable wit, like the bumble bee that flew out of Milligan's shop in High Street with a rasher of bacon in its mouth.’
    • ‘He has travelled far and wide in Ireland, the U.K and America and has all kinds of stories to tell in his own inimitable way.’
    • ‘The inimitable Eddie Vee has clocked up more TV appearances than other Elvis impersonators have had burgers.’
    • ‘He's a diehard loyalist and a campaigner known for his inimitable style.’
    • ‘His work may be grounded within a classical base but from there on it achieves an inimitable style.’
    • ‘Now we had brief moments of conversation, when I learned much more about this inimitable Peter.’
    • ‘Elseware has a good model of what he wants from a group and in his inimitable style went and did it.’
    • ‘This site covers the gamut of financial advice in its own inimitable style.’
    • ‘Well, this is the same deal, as record after record is dropped in the boys' own inimitable style.’
    • ‘Jim, in his usual inimitable way, kept everyone entertained by his repertoire of jokes and stories.’
    • ‘It's written in their inimitable style and has a ton of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Written in Jonathan's inimitable style, this book gives a wonderful feel for those exciting times.’
    • ‘There is one member of the wedding party who is not about to be left out of a royal ball: Donkey, voiced by the inimitable Eddie Murphy.’
    • ‘It was a formula almost from the start, and Smith has never strayed from it, but he so completely mastered the approach that he is inimitable.’
    unique, distinctive, individual, special, idiosyncratic, quirky, exclusive, rare
    incomparable, unparalleled, unrivalled, matchless, unmatched, peerless, unequalled, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, superlative, supreme, without equal, without match, beyond compare, beyond comparison, second to none, in a class of one's own
    model, faultless, perfect, consummate, ideal, unexampled, nonpareil
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Late 15th century: from French, or from Latin inimitabilis, from in- not + imitabilis (from imitari imitate).