Definition of inhume in English:



[with object]literary
  • Bury.

    ‘no hand his bones shall gather or inhume’
    • ‘Birth and death, however, collide in a remarkable way in a number of tombs in the Greek world in which a woman is found inhumed or cremated together with a fetus or neonate.’
    • ‘It was the living that inhumed the dead, after all.’
    • ‘It is known that over 5,000 Sarmatians from this area came to Britain after the Marcomannic wars in AD 175; but it is unlikely that the people at Brougham were Sarmatians, as the latter inhumed their dead.’
    inter, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb
    bury, inter, lay to rest, consign to the grave, entomb, earth up
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Early 17th century: from Latin inhumare, from in- ‘into’ + humus ‘ground’.