Definition of inhibitory in English:



  • 1Hindering or preventing an action.

    ‘some may find such limits inhibitory’
    • ‘We were expecting that images of famous athletes would enhance people's own skills, but it turned out to be an inhibitory process.’
    • ‘The theory postulates four inhibitory conditions, the first of which is commitment to conventional goals.’
    • ‘Other actors and institutions are understood as supplementary, potentially inhibitory or beneficial conditions—civil society, the citizen, the economic sphere, etc.’
    • ‘There are precedents setting a high barrier against prior restraint because of its inhibitory effects on freedom of expression.’
    • ‘The agency's red tape did not help—they are quite inhibitory, and you tend to concentrate on things you know you can do and get through.’
    • ‘For some white interviewees, having a black woman in their home has an impact on how forthcoming they are, but that impact is not necessarily inhibitory.’
    • ‘These social circumstances generate sets of attitudes conducive to or inhibitory of political participation.’
    • ‘It has been shown that some children in foster care have deficiencies in inhibitory control, which in turn relates to behavioral problems.’
    • ‘Clear societal messages that reject the use of violence as a means of conflict resolution help to put into place inhibitory controls that are necessary in the face of frustration.’
    • ‘Peer modeling of socially appropriate behavior may have an inhibitory effect on a potential offender's behavior.’
    1. 1.1Physiology Biochemistry Slowing down or preventing a process, reaction, or function.
      ‘a study to determine if honey has an inhibitory effect on atherosclerosis’
      ‘dopamine is one of the inhibitory neurotransmitters in the gastrointestinal tract’
      • ‘These grapeseed derivatives elicit an inhibitory effect on HIV infection in vitro.’
      • ‘Its anti-inflammatory effects are possibly from its inhibitory action on the arachidonic acid pathway via cyclo-oxygenase inhibition.’
      • ‘The combination of tocopherols has a synergistic platelet inhibitory effect.’
      • ‘Sexual response and associated behavior depend on dual control mechanisms, involving excitatory and inhibitory neurophysiological systems.’
      • ‘The inhibitory compounds used for study are cytotoxic themselves, resulting in effects that are irreversible.’
      • ‘This specific component of fiber has been studied extensively for its inhibitory effects against colon carcinogenesis.’
      • ‘Radiation treatment had certain inhibitory functions on body immunity.’
      • ‘Excess linoleic acid has produced inhibitory effects on in vivo prostaglandin synthesis.’
      • ‘This type of ginseng saponin had inhibitory action on free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation.’
      • ‘All flavonoids tested exhibited some inhibitory activity.’