Definition of inheritor in English:



  • A person who inherits something; an heir.

    ‘we are the inheritors of these cultural traditions’
    • ‘On the other hand, when it's sold the inheritors should pay all the capital gains - if you get rid of the estate tax, you should get rid of the stepped-up basis as well.’
    • ‘Other distinctions to be wary of include whether the tax is on the estate of the deceased or on what an inheritor actually receives.’
    • ‘So we are, in fact, the inheritors and recipients of all of those interesting evolutionary experiments.’
    • ‘This way, when an insured event occurs, the loan receiver or his or her inheritors will be able to draw the money from the insurance company and pay back the remainder of the loan with it.’
    • ‘As the writer acknowledges, it was quite easy for them to ride the back of the liberal consensus because they were the inheritors of it - a condition that does not exist today.’
    heir, heiress, legatee, recipient, receiver
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